Webinar: Steel Production Management systems – demonstration of critical processing and production features to stay ahead.

Watch the recorded version of our webinar, where we will discuss and demonstrate the opportunities offered by a modern Steel Production Management (SPM) system.

Steelmakers were early adaptors of automation of processing and production, where calculation models provided outputs that saved time while improving precision and efficiency. This was now quite some time ago, and today’s processing and production systems are so much more.

In this webinar, we will focus on some critical processing and production features in today’s SPM systems that will ensure that your operations stay ahead. Does your existing control and automation systems empower your processing and production and leverage the opportunities that digitalisation offers?

During this webinar, we will give you some insights into four important features:

  • Feature 1: Possibilities of parallel implementation and the ”workspace” collaboration feature for knowledge sharing within and between organisations.
  • Feature 2: Designing your standard operating practices using different production strategies while adapting to the production scenario at hand.
  • Feature 3: Implementation of proprietary know-how into your SPM system to leverage your competitive edge.
  • Feature 4: Using the SPM systems data evaluation tool to identify improvement areas and implement more efficient processing.

Watch it now:

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