Webinar: Meeting the digital era requirements with crucial Steel Production Management system functionalities

Watch the recorded version of our webinar, where we discuss the future functionalities generating value in the new world of digitalized steelmaking operations.

Steel Production Management should focus on safety, throughput, and quality. This has been true for a very long time and is now more critical than ever – and the digital era offers us unlimited possibilities to sharpen our game even further.

Functionalities in the digitalized production system allow us to make good data and exploit our resources in a much more cost-efficient manner. Processing and production are supported by information collected at the same minute, and knowledge is continuously being generated by using automated evaluation of data and operational experiences.

Experts use digital solutions to travel between continents within minutes, supporting operations and offering advice while sharing the same processing and production views as persons on-site.

Steel Production Management in the digital era has the same goals as always, but it is a new game – do you play it well?

During this webinar, we will give you:

  • Highlights of essential functionalities to be used in Steel Production Management systems.
  • Important issues to keep in mind when implementing a Steel Production Management system in your operations.
  • A real-life example of the making good of the digital possibilities when performing remote commissioning of a metallurgical process. 

Watch now:

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