Webinar: Digitalisation in steelmaking – future requirements to stay competitive.

Join us in our digital event, where we discuss the state and future opportunities with a digitalised steelmaking operation

In steelmaking, data is everything. Production without measuring and adjustment is a guessing game – and has been so for a long time. But something is changing.

We are now entering a new era of digitalisation, where data play an even more crucial role. The amount of data made available, most of it in real-time, is exploding. This puts pressure on the producer to make fair use of the data. Numbers need to be converted into powerful information that improves processing and production.

New technologies and methods will be necessary to make the most out of your steel production management systems – but how should this be approached and where to start?

During this webinar, we will give you:

  • An introduction to digitalisation in steelmaking operations
  • A real-life example of the digital strategy of a steel producer
  • Important aspects to keep in mind when departing on your digital journey


  • Digitalization of steelmaking operations – opportunities to stay competitive
  • A steelmakers’ perspective – the pathway to a digitalised steel plant
  • Q&A 

Watch on-demand:

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