UTCAS® boosts productivity at OUTOKUMPU Avesta

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OUTOKUMPU Stainless in Avesta, Sweden placed in April 2016 an order for a new UTCAS® process control system for their AOD and Ladle Furnace. The delivery and implementation work by UHT further includes update of the current level 1/PLC for the AOD, as well as a long term system and process support agreement.

OUTOKUMPU Avesta’s Investments and Project Director Ola Modigs concludes:
– The UTCAS system is an important way for OUTOKUMPU to further trim the operational and economic performance in our steel making processes, which is highly necessary to meet the demand for high quality stainless steel grades combined with an increasing need for operational flexibility while continuously improving our cost efficiency. The UTCAS platform also allows us to integrate and create direct and rapid process data communication between the different operations themselves and that our process and operator staff will engage with the processes through a common interface, again this will create additional results in our operations.

UHT is a Swedish engineering company with roots in the stainless and special steel production delivering complete AOD & CLU® converter refining solutions includes the simulation and real-time UTCAS® process control system platform, which today is available for EAF, AOD, VOD/VD and LF. Currently there are 20 UTCAS® deliveries worldwide from UHT.

OUTOKUMPU Stainless is a global leader in stainless steel and high performance alloys. The production in Avesta, Sweden, is today one of the world‘s most productive and they specialize in the production of stainless steel grades with a high level chromium content.

UTCAS operator interface CLU/AODUTCAS operator interface LF

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