UHT delivers CLU to Transalloys

UHT is now happy to announce the supply of the 5th CLU® converter in South Africa to FeMn Producer Transalloys. The converter will be commissioned early 2019 and produce medium carbon FeMn. This supply will bring back CLU® to the city of eMalahleni where the success story of ferroalloy refining through the CLU® route once started.


The CLU® process is cost-effective and ideal for medium carbon and low carbon FeMn production due to the excellent temperature control without alloy dilution. Super-heated steam which is utilized as one of the process gases acts as coolant by controlling the temperature in the metal bath through the endothermic reaction that occurs when the steam is split into oxygen and hydrogen after injection. Thus, by balancing the temperature, the need for cooling material decreases and the Mn yield is enhanced.

UHT – Uvån Hagfors Teknologi AB, is a Swedish engineering company and well established global supplier of metallurgical processes and technologies to the iron, steel, stainless steel and ferroalloy industry. We concentrate our activities to AOD and CLU® converter refining and GRANSHOT® metal granulation.

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