Start-up of GRANSHOT® at JSW Steel Dolvi

In March 2021, UHT commissioned a GRANSHOT® metal granulation unit for the JSW Steel Ltd group at the Dolvi steel plant in India with the purpose to accommodate excess iron from the blast furnaces. This is the second GRANSHOT unit within the JSW Steel group following an earlier installation at Vijayanagar steel plant.

Granulated pig iron allows for improved Fe yield at JSW
The new 300 tonnes/hour metal granulation capacity unit will handle excess pig iron from existing blast furnaces and the upcoming hot metal expansion at the Dolvi plant. Granulation is performed directly from the torpedo cars in order to simplify logistics and decouple the ironmaking and steelmaking units. The granulated iron product will be used as coolant in down-stream processing or sold as feedstock to EAF and IF operators.


GRANSHOT® metal granulation produces GPI

GRANSHOT is an industrial high-capacity solution of up to 360 tonnes/hour that solidifies pig iron into Granulated Pig Iron. GPI is an excellent iron feedstock for metallurgical processes, with easy handling and rapid melting which cuts time and energy consumption. There are more than 50 references for GRANSHOT® metal granulation around the world.

UHT – Uvån Hagfors Teknologi AB

A Swedish technology supplier of GRANSHOT® Metal Granulation units, AOD and CLU® Converter Refining plants, and related services for producers of special and stainless steel, pig iron, ferroalloys, and base metals.

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