Full steel shop control by UTCAS® real-time system

UTCAS® is a powerful real-time and dynamic process control system for the EAF, BOF, AOD/CLU®, VOD/VD and LF. It is designed to operate within an integrated structure of external systems and PLCs. The system also provides tools for process design and production evaluation. Based on the actual in-coming data and present conditions, UTCAS optimizes the process to reach the defined targets. UTCAS has been retrofitted at BGH, SANDVIK Kanthal, OUTOKUMPU Avesta, also at use in all UHT AOD & CLU deliveries.


What makes UTCAS a unique solution:

  • True and immediate sharing of real-time data and process status.
  • Possible to simulate & define the optimal production route in the steel shop.
  • Common HMI with the same look-and-feel for all steel shop processes.
  • Easy integration to existing steel shop processes. Sudden changes can be made in one process and the impact is handled throughout the steel shop, aiming to meet requirements of the casting machine etc.
  • UHT’s or in-house developed models can be used.
  • Easy integration to existing steel shop processes.

Prior to processing, the UTCAS Process Design module is used to design operational practices for each individual grade. During processing, the system re-optimizes the process considering variations in actual gas flows, added material amounts and events such as samples, deslagging, etc. After processing, production data and consumptions can be checked and studied using the powerful Process Evaluation module. For easy follow-up, any number of Key Performance Indexes can be defined and rapidly calculated for any selection of heats. UTCAS also offers the possibility for off-line simulations useful for operator training and when introducing new grades.

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