Integrated Steelmaking

Integrated Steelmaking

In integrated steelmaking, the GRANSHOT® process is used to handle excess iron. The GRANSHOT unit provides an outlet for hot metal, optimizing the stability of the iron making process which is highly beneficial for campaign life as well as raw material consumption. Compared to pig casting machines (PCMs), the GRANSHOT unit has a smaller footprint and requires less labour and maintenance.


Granulated Pig Iron, GPI

GPI is a prime iron product with homogenous metallurgical properties and low oxide content. The material has a composition identical to liquid iron, typical size ranges in between 3-50 mm with a bulk density of 4000 kg/m3. The granules are used in metallurgical operations as well as for sales to external customers. GPI is ideal for use in induction furnaces, BOF converters and in EAFs, especially if equipped with a 5th hole for continuous addition of material.

Clean Operations

Granulation is a highly suitable alternative to open air sand pit casting (pooling, beaching). Dust emitted to the local community and global environment can thereby be reduced to a minimum. In addition to this, the solidification of iron is slow and the solidified product which normally contains a lot of sand has to be crushed at a considerable cost. The GRANSHOT unit is well suited as a sustainable solution to this problem. Granulation of iron has several advantages such as quick solidification and minimal dust emissions resulting in a high yield product which is ready to use in house or for external sale.

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