Granulation of Ferroalloys


The GRANSHOT® granulation process is very suitable for granulating ferroalloys and is used as a standard operation for many ferroalloy producers. Most metals are suitable for granulation but ferroalloys granulated today are mainly ferronickel (FeNi), ferrochromium (FeCr) and ferrosilicon (FeSi).

The granulated ferroalloy is an attractive alloying material to be used in any metallurgical process. The granules show properties such as chemical homogeneity, minimum oxide content and low content of fines. The size and shape of the granules results in excellent feeding properties, which in turn govern compact storage, easy handling and precise dosage.

The GRANSHOT process offers a practical and economical way of handling the liquid metal for the ferroalloy producer. The process is run at a low cost, considering both operation and maintenance and the metal yield is close to 100 %.





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