Metal Recycling

Metal recycling

More and more valuable metals are recycled today due to better collection systems and stricter environmental legislatives. The GRANSHOT® process is excellent for handling the recycled liquid metal, creating a good and manageable product for transport and further use.  Pilot testing can be conducted at our R&D facility for material analysis. Examples of recycling areas are dust from the metallurgical industry, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and hazardous waste.

Examples of installations

Befesa Scandust

European stainless steel producers generate approximately 20 – 30 kg dust per ton of produced stainless steel. The dust formed during various stages of the production process contains valuable metals such as Cr, Ni and Mo. At Befesa Scandust AB in Landskrona, Sweden, the metal compounds contained in the dust residues are reduced to metallic form in a plasma arc furnace and granulated directly via the GRANSHOT process. The GRANSHOT unit at Befasa ScanDust is designed for capacities up to 1,5 t/min.

Boliden, Rönnskär

Boliden, Rönnskär in Sweden recycles electronic scrap, where the smelted electronic scrap, known as black copper is granulated and integrated with the smelter’s main copper flow for further refining and extraction of copper and precious metals. The unit is designed for capacities up to 2 t/min." frameborder="0" allowfullscreen><
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