GRANSHOT® – Metal Granulation

GRANSHOT® – Metal Granulation

The GRANSHOT® process converts liquid metal into granules by rapid solidification in water. The process is especially suitable for integrated steel plants, ferroalloy producers and metal recyclers. The GRANSHOT process, developed in house is proven in integrated steelmaking and ferro-alloy industries as an optimum choice for handling liquid metal in a secure, environmentally friendly and economical way. Metal granules are homogenous in composition, easy to handle, store and transport.

Vast metallurgical knowledge, extensive operational experience and forefront technology is the foundation of UHT’s GRANSHOT Metal Granulation process. There are close to 50 references worldwide as of date.


Industrial high capacity process

The GRANSHOT unit can be designed for capacities currently up to 300t/h per production line. Liquid metal arrives by ladles, torpedos or runners. The configuration is designed based on the existing preconditions at site in order to achieve the best logistical solution for each production case. The high metal flows are handled by the specially designed metal and water distribution systems in the granulation tank. 


Main benefits of metal granulation

  • Fast processing and granules ready to use within 30 seconds. Close to 100% process yield.
  • Metal granules are homogenous with low oxide content. The high bulk density allows fast dissolution and melting.
  • The granule shape is excellent for raw material handling via conveyor belts, magnets, front-end loaders, bin systems and skips.
  • Secure, low maintenance plant design with high operational availability.
  • Environmentally friendly industrial process
  • Compact footprint which facilitates easy integration in both new and existing plants.

Process Description


The granulation principle is based on a heat exchange between liquid metal and water. The liquid metal is discharged through a tundish and dispersed over the GRANSHOT Reactor tank where granules are formed. Heat released from formed granules is transferred to the cooling water which carries the heat out of the system. The solidified and cooled granules are discharged through an air/water ejector onto a dewatering unit where water is removed. The metal granules are ready to use in 30 seconds and can be transported via conveyor belts for immediate dispatch or to storage area.

Products and Services

UHT offers products and services within metal granulation ranging from studies including pilot tests to turn key plants.

Pilot testing

At our R&D facility we offer pilot scale granulation and feasibility studies of customer specific metal grades. Detailed reports with size distribution data, bulk density, material properties including liquidus temperature is provided.

Engineering and design

Complete basic and detailed engineering for GRANSHOT units are offered. Each design solution is conceptualized and tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of the customer in order to obtain the best possible solution and ensure efficient plant logistics.

Equipment and Automation

UHT supplies complete GRANSHOT® Metal Granulation units for integration into new or existing plants. The units are delivered with process control systems specially adapted for the GRANSHOT process requirements and possible to integrate to most PLCs.

Commissioning and Training

We offer start-up services, including supervision for erection, hot and cold commissioning as well as on-site training of operators and personnel worldwide.

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