Training & Services

Training & Services

UHT conducts thorough training prior to and during commissioning, directed to metallurgists, process specialists and operators.

Pre-Project training

Pre-project training is held in UHT’s studio where the customer’s converter refining environment can be simulated with an an off-line version of the UTCAS® process control system. The training provides the operators with an early and comprehensive understanding of operating the converter process.


UHT’s commissioning team and metallurgist are present during erection, commissioning and customer take-over of the converter. Long term support agreements are also available.

After sales

UHT also conducts supplementary training regarding converter refining directed to new or experienced metallurgists, process specialists and operators within the stainless steel or ferroalloy industry.

  • Staff training
  • Plant optimisation
  • Revamps and upgrades of existing converter plants
  • Spare parts
  • Process support agreements
Training & Services
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