UHT has supplied engineering and equipment to the stainless steel and ferroalloy industry for over 30 years. This has resulted in numerous references within the industry. Scroll down to learn more about a selection of these!

AOD Operator training at ThyssenKrupp Stainless Alabama, USA

During 2011 and 2012 UHT held AOD training sessions for AOD process engineers and operators at ThyssenKrupp Stainless, Alabama, USA. Included in the training was also UTCAS® process design and simulation package.

Gas Mixing Station to SANDVIK, Sweden

In 2011 UHT delivered a new gas mixing station to Sandvik’s 75 tonnes AOD converter unit in Sandviken, Sweden. With the new gas mixing station, Sandvik can now mix argon and nitrogen as well as use compressed air in the process.

The total delivery time was 5 months from order to commissioning and resulted in 20% higher gas flow with the same tuyeres and input gas pressure. The AOD unit is now also prepared for connection to UTCAS® process control system.

UTCAS® Process Control at OUTOKUMPU Stainless Sweden

Outokumpu Stainless in Avesta, Sweden upgraded in 1998 their 100 tonnes AOD unit with complete UTCAS® process control system. The installation of UTCAS® has resulted in several benefits for the AOD refining at the steel plant in Avesta, including:

  • Reduced process time of 15% and more narrow span for tap-to-tap time
  • Lowered gas consumption of 10%
  • 10% longer converter lining lifetime
  • Less variation in tapping weights, 90% are within 96-102 tonnes
  • Reduced lime consumption
  • Calculation, blowing and raw material handling conducted by one (1) operator

Twin CLU® installation at Acerinox Columbus Stainless, South Africa

Since 1994, Acerinox Columbus Stainless, Middelburg, South Africa, has produced stainless steel in two 110 tonnes CLU® converters supplied by UHT. The installation included:

  • Process design, plant engineering and key-components
  • System integration, implementation and training
  • UTCAS® real-time process control system
  • Superheated steam as additional process gas
  • Service and support agreement

The delivery and subsequent upgrade in 2000 has resulted in:

  • Minimised argon consumption and less usage of scrap
    Reduced tap-to-tap time
  • Extended refractory lifetime

CLU® & GRANSHOT® at Samancor Ferrometals, South Africa

Samancor Ferrometals in Middelburg, South Africa, has produced medium carbon ferrochrome with UHT’s CLU® and GRANSHOT® processes since 1986. The installation comprised of:

  • 25 tonnes CLU® for MC FeCr refining
  • GRANSHOT® high capacity granulation, up to 120 tonnes/h

By installing UHT’s processes for ferrochrome refining and granulation, the cost was significantly reduced due to improved handling and better yield.

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