UHT offers complete converter plants, key-components for revamps and real-time process control UTCAS® for refining of ferroalloys.

The CLU® process is ideal for medium carbon ferrochrome and ferromanganese production due to the excellent temperature control without alloy dilution. In manganese production this proves to be a valuable feature since temperature control is vital in order to minimise manganese vaporisation. The CLU® process also enables a broader production range with further refined products such as low carbon ferrochrome or ferromanganese.

UHT has delivered converter solutions to several well known ferroalloy producers worldwide, e.g. Samancor Ferrometals and Thos Begbie.

UHT also supplies the GRANSHOT® metal granulation process for solidification of ferroalloy products such as FeNi, FeCr and FeSi.

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