Converter Refining

AOD & CLU® Converter Refining

The main production objective for converter refining of stainless steel and ferroalloys is to reach the decided target analysis and final mass. It is however increasingly important for the refining unit to be flexible in order to make new grades and to handle sudden limitations or changes in availability of raw material and process gases.

UHT focuses on solutions that take into account the high value materials in the refining process to reach production target and maximum yield. The UTCAS® process control system further enhances the flexibility and accuracy of the CLU® or AOD process.

Our focus in converter refining:

  • Engineering and design according to the specific requirements of the stainless steel or ferroalloy producer
  • Thorough metallurgical and processing experience
  • Flexible and accurate gas mixing station
  • Complete automation including UTCAS® process control system
  • Hydraulic converter drive for superior tilting control
  • Know-how transfer and training package
Converter charging
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