GRANSHOT® Metal Granulation

The GRANSHOT® metal granulation process splits up liquid metal into droplets which are rapidly quenched in water forming solid metal granules. The GRANSHOT® configuration is tailor-made for each application.

  • Liquid metal to solid granules in 30 seconds
  • Industrial high capacity up to 250 tonnes/hour
  • Compact unit size
  • Granules have ideal logistical and metallurgical properties
  • Minimal environmental impact

Over the years, UHT has made close to 50 GRANSHOT® installations in the iron, steel, ferroalloy and metal recycling industries.

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AOD & CLU® Converter Refining

UHT offers equipment and process control systems for AOD and CLU® refining of stainless steel and ferroalloys to enhance operational efficiency and flexibility. With the CLU® process superheated steam is introduced as an additional process gas.

  • Complete AOD and CLU® converter plants
  • Key-components for revamps
  • Accurate and flexible gas mixing station
  • Hydraulic converter drive

UHT has supplied converter solutions to among others Ugitech, Sandvik, Acerinox Columbus Stainless and Samancor Ferrometals.

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UTCAS® Process Control

Sophisticated real-time process control system for AOD and CLU® converter refining based on highly advanced thermodynamic and mathematical models.

  • Complete automation and level 2 system
  • Possibility to simulate and test prior to converter processing
  • Cost efficient control of raw material, equipment and process time
  • Continuous real-time prediction of end result
  • Rapid response to sudden changes during refining

UHT has supplied UTCAS® systems to among others Sandvik Kanthal, Outokumpu and Acerinox Columbus Stainless.

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