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Granulation of Ferroalloys – Results from industrial operations and comparity study of fines generation

The GRANSHOT process is an industrial and high capacity solidification process replacing the traditional and extensive casting, crushing and sieving operations in ferroalloy production.

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Granulated metal product from direct tapped furnace

The metal recycling industry is a growing area for applying the GRANSHOT® granulation process for solidification. This industrial process is already proven in iron and ferroalloy applications, where it directly produces metal granules ready for handling, packaging and transport.

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Technology for granulating ferroalloys the GRANSHOT process

Granulation of metals, the GRANSHOT® process, as discussed in this paper for ferroalloys, is today an economically viable and well proven industrial solution with well over 40 installations made by UHT.

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Granshot Iron Granulation for Optimised Plant Logistics

This article describes GRANSHOT iron granulation technology, operational experience and the usability of the end product in steelmaking operations. The GRANSHOT granulation process converts liquid metal into granules by rapid solidification in water.

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Recycling of Residues From Stainless Steel Production

Since the start up of the Befesa ScanDust plant more than 1 Mt of stainless steel making residues has been recycled and approx. 500,000 tons of valuable metals recovered. By granulating the recovered metal via the GRANSHOT® granulation process a high process yield is achieved. The product, granulated API, is returned to the steel makers or sold on the open market.

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World’s first high-capacity Granshot iron granulation in operation at SSAB Oxelösund

This paper discusses the principal layout of the Granshot® plant, operational experience, and the usability of a Granshot® granulation plant and the product in steelmaking operations.

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Granshot iron granulation technology

The Granshot granulation process is a cost-effective method of handling excess iron at high capacity, low cost and producing prime product material for re-use.

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Energy Recovery in Granshot Process

The purpose of this diploma project was to study the energy flow in the GRANSHOT®-process and analyze different methods to make use of the developed energy. The investigation contains analyses of the economical consequences of an eventual implementation in the GRANSHOT®-process and a simple layout design of a granulation facility with implemented energy recovery technology.

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Iron Granulation in Integrated Steel Plants

Installation of a granulation route for iron handling downstream from the iron-making unit in an integrated steel plant has proven to be a feasible solution in order to boost total plant steel output.

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Comparative study of melting stock for investment casting

This paper describes an experimental study of the relative merits of different melt stock materials with focus on melting times, chemical analysis accuracy and material handling properties.

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Pig Iron Granulation at Iscor Saldanha Steel

The Iscor Saldanha Steel has successfully installed a Granshot™ metal granulator to accommodate excess iron production from the Corex. This paper discusses the iron granulation method compared to traditional alternatives such as sand bed pooling.

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