Press release: FeNi at VALE Onca Puma, Brazil

First GRANSHOT in Brazil at Vale Onca Puma Ferronickel Operations.

GRANSHOT granulation of FeNi at VALE Onca Puma, Brazil

On March 4th, 2011, the first ferronickel was granulated using GRANSHOT® metal granulation technology at VALE Onca Puma ferronickel works in Brazil’s Para Region. At full capacity the plant will produce around 200 000 tonnes.

The granulated ferronickel product at VALE Onca Puma will compete well on the international nickel market as it has high nickel content and is low on undesired elements such as carbon, sulphur, phosphorous, copper and cobalt. The GRANSHOT® granules are characterized by their 3-50 mm size also being slightly flattened and irregular. This size and shape is favored by stainless steel producers that can handle the material well in bulk and feed handling systems for their EAF’s, AOD-converters and in ladle operations.

It takes some 30 seconds for the first granules to appear and at VALE Onca Puma the granulation rate is 120 tonnes per hour. The unit is fitted with an in-line continuous dryer that dries the granules.

In the project that is situated in an environmentally sensitive area, rigorous precautions have been taken to protect the environment. Due to the zero-pollution nature of the GRANSHOT® process it fit very well in to the general project context.
The GRANSHOT® unit serves two ferronickel production lines, each complete with dryer, kiln, 85 MW rectangular reduction furnace, and ladle station. The GRANSHOT® process is supplied turn-key by Swedish engineering company UHT who has built over 40 such plants over the years, this project is however the first plant of its kind built in Brazil. In conjunction with the commissioning Vale signed an agreement with UHT for technical assistance during an extended time of one year.

In the GRANSHOT® process liquid metal is poured on to a refractory target where it disintegrates into granules. The granules are solidified and rapidly cooled in a water tank and continuously discharged on to a dewatering screen with an air-water ejector. The GRANSHOT process is also highly suitable for other metals, such as pig iron, steel, ferrochrome, copper etc.

Contact person: GRANSHOTinstallation-at-VALE-Mineira-Onca-Puma_170---0-a07f84d3-e69c-440a-bb95-ea89f49a848c
Mr. Vesterberg, Per
Sales manager – UHT, Sweden
Ph +46-73-2752336

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