Expand your production towards low-carbon ferromanganese alloys

Carbon content matters

FeMn production for steelmaking alloying typically offers HCFeMn (High-Carbon Ferro Managanse) as the base product. This is extensively used in different steelmaking operation for controlling the Mn content of the steel – a crucial alloying element.

Transalloys - Operations

Transalloys – Operations

Tapping of HC FeMn at Transalloys, South Africa.

The carbon content of HCFeMn is high, typically 6-8%, which puts restrictions on the usage in the later stages of steelmaking operations. Here, low-carbon Mn sources are required to avoid the steel C content to go out of specification and typically different low-carbon FeMn grades are used, sometimes in combination with Mn produced via electrolysis.

Expand your product portfolio towards lower carbon content – add value

Copy till landningsida FeMn - kampanjThe low-carbon Mn alloying elements will give the steelmaker added degrees of freedom, which in some cases represents considerable value and, consequently, is reflected in a higher alloy price.

Any producer of HCFeMn have the option to widen the product portfolio by decarburise the HCFeMn. By using the CLU converter refining technology the carbon content will be brought down to levels of MCFeMn (~1.5% C) and/or LCFeMn (0.5-1.5% C).

Although refining represents added operational costs, the product added value outweighs these costs by a large margin in typical scenarios. The earnings are strongly dependent on the Mn alloy market price structure.

CLU converter operations – the number one refining option

The CLU process is an oxygen converter operation for removal of Carbon while keeping the Manganese yield high. This requires excellent temperature control which is achieved by the CLU converter’s unique technology that uses steam as a coolant and oxygen carrier. Furthermore,

Transalloys - Operations

Transalloys – Operations

advanced process control minimises operational costs while ensuring a stable process which reaches targets set on every heat, every day.

Uvån Hagfors Teknologi has a long tradition of equipment and process know-how supply within metals refining, focusing on the refining converter operations. The CLU converter proprietary know-how and technology have been developed in-house and is today the dominating refining methods for FeMn around the world.



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