ESSAR Steel places order on GRANSHOT® iron granulation plant

Essar Steel, India, has awarded Uvån Hagfors Teknologi AB to supply a Granshot® iron granulation system.
The Granshot® will accommodate excess liquid iron feed from the ESSAR Steel (Hazira) plant blast furnaces and Corex unit and convert it into prime iron feedstock.
The Essar Granshot® is designed to granulate at a rate of 2.5 tonnes per minute. The liquid iron is poured directly from the Essar steel existing iron transfer ladles, using a UHT design ladle tilter, entering the granulator spray nozzle via the granulator tundish.
Essar Steel has nominated UHT AB to be the supplier of Granshot® process know-how and key component engineering with a planned start-up in beginning of 2009.

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